Dave Stanke: Talks/Presentations

These are some talks I've given, or would like to give:
  • Using Kubernetes for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery [40m] Teams take weeks to set up and manage Kubernetes and then a few more weeks to develop and deliver microservices on Kubernetes in the cloud. This talk … [more]
  • Becoming an Elite Performer [30m] The 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report represents six years of research and data from over 31,000 professionals worldwide. It is the largest and … [more]
  • Accelerate your Build and Test with Google Cloud Platform [30m] Bazel accelerates software build and test by extracting a deep analysis of the build process, to eliminate re-work and enable highly parallel … [more]
  • All Tech is Debt [5m] Ignite talk (5 minute) version of All Tech is Debt [more]
  • All Tech is Debt [30m] We all spend a lot of energy trying to discover tech debt, and eliminate it. Fat chance! In this talk, I will convince you that all tech is debt, and … [more]
  • Build and Test Your Code Faster with Bazel [40m] Is your build slow? Are you testing less thoroughly than you should? Modern caching and parallelization techniques can be harnessed to achieve fast, … [more]
  • Cloud Native CI/CD Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) have taken root in software teams of all sizes: the process of delivering applications from dev … [more]
  • Continuous Integration Testing [30m] The DevOps principle of “Shifting Left” promotes testing early in the development cycle, for improved software quality and system health. At the same … [more]
  • Product Management A light intro to product management, intended for teams that don't [yet?] have a dedicated Product Manager. [more]
  • So Long, Sheepdog [30m] We, as DevOps practitioners, have embraced the cloud: we increasingly deploy applications to cloud infrastructure, including Kubernetes, serverless, … [more]
  • Squish Level Objectives [30m] Somewhere out there, many layers of infrastructure and many miles of fiber away from us, there is someone whose product experience is dependent on the … [more]
  • Sympathy for the Product Manager [5m] Ops people – even DevOps people! – and product managers don’t always see eye-to-eye. (You want how many nines?!?) In my 20+ year career, I’ve been a … [more]